Looking forward

 How many years have you been researching family history?

Are you starting your journey, or are you an old hand at it?  Either way the path is a never ending one. Even when you think you've covered all bases and have all your ducks in a row (yes, love the cliches, LOL) there is more to come.

I've recently had a emails from people who saw my family trees on Ancestry and contacted me. Both are interested in siblings of my direct ancestors, but the connections are intriguing just the same.

Today's contact is from a woman who is descended from one of my great, great grandfather's brothers, butshe spells her name very differently from my branch of the family.  In my response to her email, I asked her if she knew when the spelling had changed, and why.  Be good to hear if she knows anything.

It might throw a spanner in the works too because the records i have in my tree spell the name the same way as my grandfather's family. There's a chance I have the wrong connections, and that will mean more digging and investigating.

Next time: BDM certificates


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